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What it’s like to live with long COVID

Long COVID has now affected up to 23 million Americans (the equivalent of the populations of Florida and New Mexico combined). We spoke to five long COVID patients across the United States about their experience with the illness.

How misinformation tricks our brains

When we encounter a piece of information that sparks an emotional reaction or provides comfort in a confusing situation, such as a snippet of hot gossip or a plausible rumor, something in our brain clicks.

How vaccines for kids are tested

For people who are not familiar with how vaccines are tested and made, COVID-19 vaccines may seem experimental or unsafe because of their rapid development. But the technology used in these shots has been in development for decades.

What to know about COVID-19 at-home rapid tests

Rapid tests are key to keeping the virus under control, but they’ve also had a bad rap for being unreliable or hard to find. Here are answers to questions you may have regarding rapid tests, how to use them, and where to find them.